Dr Geetha Reddy

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I am Geetha, a social psychologist working on understanding diversity, multiculturalism and migration.

I am especially interested in how social scientists can study and address social issues across disciplinary boundaries. I am currently developing transdisciplinary theory and methods in my position as Assistant Professor, at the University of Groningen, working on the SCOOP consortium goals.


I completed my PhD in Psychology at the department of Psychological and Behavioural Sciences, London School of Economics and Political Science. My thesis is titled "The influence of socio-political context on racial identity: Strategic Identity Construction among Malaysians and Singaporeans".

I studied the social psychology of racial, and ethnic identity constructions, negotiations and intergroup relations in multicultural societies that have race-based social policies. Research for the PhD was carried out in Malaysia, Singapore and the UK.

My other research interests include perspective taking among individuals, the socio-cultural determinants of health related behaviour as well as safety culture within public health systems.   


Research Team:        Prof Rafael Wittek, University of Groningen

                                    Dr Francesca Giardini, University of Groningen   

                                    Dr Liesbet Heyse, University of Groningen     

PhD Supervisor :      Dr Ilka Gleibs, London School of Economics and Political Science

PhD Advisors:          Dr Caroline Howarth, London School of Economics and Political Science

                                    Prof Catherine Campbell, London School of Economics and Political Science

Collaborators:           Dr Rob M. van Dam, National University of Singapore

                                    Dr Nelli Ferenczi, Regents University London; Goldsmiths, University of London