Dr Geetha Reddy

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From 1834 to the end of the WWI, Britain had transported about 2 million Indian indentured workers to 19 colonies including Fiji, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Guyana, Malaysia and South Africa. The system of indentured labour was officially abolished by the British government in 1917, however the effects of colonisation endure in the psychologies of the descendants of enslaved and indentured peoples till today.

This research project takes a transdisciplinary approach and will focus on understanding the impact of British coloniality on racism and marginalisation in South Africa and Malaysia. 

This project has three strands that will be woven together.

(1) Recording psychological impacts of coloniality in South Africa and Malaysia and translating these insights for academic audiences

(2) Fostering long-term solidarities between communities in South Africa and Malaysia

(3) Contributing to the development of sustainable solutions that redress inequalities and inequities within a vision of decoloniality

At this stage, the project is seeking people who are descendants of indentured labour migrants from South India currently living in South Africa and Malaysia to join a research collective. The research collective will meet to decide on the research agenda and feed into the application of a research grant project. This stage is funded by the Open University Open Societal Challenges.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please submit your details in the contact form on the right.

Assoc Prof Khoo Ying Hooi, Head of Department of International & Strategic Studies, Universiti Malaysia
Prof Datuk Denison Jayasooria, Hon Professor Institute of Ethnic Studies, National University of Malaysia (UKM), President Society for the promotion of SDGs, Head of Secretariat (ASPPGM-SDG)