Dr Geetha Reddy

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Latest updates on research projects

April 2019

Reddy, G., & Gleibs, I. H. (2019). The Endurance and Contestations of Colonial Constructions of Race Among Malaysians and Singaporeans. is out now in Frontiers in Psychology.

February 2019

Presented paper coauthored with Dr Sindhuja Sankaran titled  Broadening global understandings of identity using South and Southeast Asian perspectives at Towards a Decolonial Psychology: Theories from the Global South in Cape Town, South Africa.

November 2018

Invited to present some of my work at the ERCOMER institute, Utrecht University. Great discussion on the colonial underpinnings of racial identity construction and whether that would be applicable to the Netherlands. Excited to collaborate with some colleagues here!

July 2018

"Fluidity amidst structure: multi-racial identity constructions across the life course of Malaysians and Singaporeans" is out now in Social Identities.  

June 2018

Presented paper " The endurance and contestations of colonial construction of race among Malaysians and Singaporeans"  at the Dialogical Self Conference in Braga, Portugal & SPSSI Conference in Pittsburgh, USA. 

January 2018

Successfully defended PhD thesis!

October 2017

Presented second paper from Study 1 data analysis at Asian Research Institute, National University of Singapore.

September 29 2017

PhD Thesis Submitted! 

Awaiting viva voce examination

July- September 2017

Presented poster of first paper from Study 1 at EASP 2017.

Writing Up PhD!

April- June 2017

Study 3 Data Analysis

October- March 2017

Study 3 Planning and Data Collection. Thank you everyone who completed the online study!

Presentation of Manuscript at ICPS 2017. Lots of support for findings and panel speakers, inspirational session.

August- September 2016

Writing manuscript from Study 2. Submission to journal.

August 2016

EASP Summer school. Presented findings from Study 2.

May-July 2016

Analysing data from Study 2

April 2016

Manuscript from Study 1 submitted.

February 2016

Manuscript from Study 1 almost ready! Working on last few comments with internal reviewers before sending it off to journal.

December 2015

Data collection for Study 2 in London completed, bringing data collection for Study 2 to a close. Excited to start analysing all the data together!

July 2015

Presented findings from Study 1 at the IACCP conference in San Cristobal, Mexico. Very positive response to the study, and cross-cultural comparisons between Singapore and Malaysia.

June 2015

Presented introductory chapter and amended 2 chapters to internal committee of 4 departmental academics. 

April 2015

Data collection for Study 2 in KL and Singapore. Great discussions, lots of thought provoking conversations. Thank you to everyone who came forward!

February 2015

Presented 2 chapters of PhD to internal committee of 3 departmental academics. 

December 2014

First level analysis of Study 2 completed. Lots of interesting themes identified in the data, and writing them up this month.

September 2014

Presented outline of paper at ASEASUK conference in Brighton, UK. Feels different presenting at a conference where people know the contexts well- and we can focus on what this means for the two countries. 

August 2014

Presented preliminary findings from Study 1 at EASP conference in Amsterdam, and IACCP conference in Reims. Lots of great feedback to work on- back to the drawing board it is.

June 2014

Data collection for 1st study completed. A huge thank you to all 31 individuals who came forward to share their personal stories and opinions!