Dr Geetha Reddy

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Latest updates on the research project

July 2018

"Fluidity amidst structure: multi-racial identity constructions across the life course of Malaysians and Singaporeans" is out now in Social Identities.  

June 2018

Presented paper " The endurance and contestations of colonial construction of race among Malaysians and Singaporeans"  at the Dialogical Self Conference in Braga, Portugal & SPSSI Conference in Pittsburgh, USA. 

January 2018

Successfully defended PhD thesis!

October 2017

Presented second paper from Study 1 data analysis at Asian Research Institute, National University of Singapore.

September 29 2017

PhD Thesis Submitted! 

Awaiting viva voce examination

July- September 2017

Presented poster of first paper from Study 1 at EASP 2017.

Writing Up PhD!

April- June 2017

Study 3 Data Analysis

October- March 2017

Study 3 Planning and Data Collection. Thank you everyone who completed the online study!

Presentation of Manuscript at ICPS 2017. Lots of support for findings and panel speakers, inspirational session.

August- September 2016

Writing manuscript from Study 2. Submission to journal.

August 2016

EASP Summer school. Presented findings from Study 2.

May-July 2016

Analysing data from Study 2

April 2016

Manuscript from Study 1 submitted.

February 2016

Manuscript from Study 1 almost ready! Working on last few comments with internal reviewers before sending it off to journal.

December 2015

Data collection for Study 2 in London completed, bringing data collection for Study 2 to a close. Excited to start analysing all the data together!

July 2015

Presented findings from Study 1 at the IACCP conference in San Cristobal, Mexico. Very positive response to the study, and cross-cultural comparisons between Singapore and Malaysia.

June 2015

Presented introductory chapter and amended 2 chapters to internal committee of 4 departmental academics. 

April 2015

Data collection for Study 2 in KL and Singapore. Great discussions, lots of thought provoking conversations. Thank you to everyone who came forward!

February 2015

Presented 2 chapters of PhD to internal committee of 3 departmental academics. 

December 2014

First level analysis of Study 2 completed. Lots of interesting themes identified in the data, and writing them up this month.

September 2014

Presented outline of paper at ASEASUK conference in Brighton, UK. Feels different presenting at a conference where people know the contexts well- and we can focus on what this means for the two countries. 

August 2014

Presented preliminary findings from Study 1 at EASP conference in Amsterdam, and IACCP conference in Reims. Lots of great feedback to work on- back to the drawing board it is.

June 2014

Data collection for 1st study completed. A huge thank you to all 31 individuals who came forward to share their personal stories and opinions!