Dr Geetha Reddy

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In my previous role as the Co-ordinator of the SCOOP Transdisciplinary PhD Programme, I built connections between Sociology, Social Psychology, History, and Philosophy. SCOOP PhD candidates research societal challenges of today by combining the insights of at least two of these four different disciplines. Together with Prof. Rafael Wittek, I developed a three course curriculum that fosters transdisciplinary learning and research. 

Using this experience of developing a transdisciplinary curriculum, I assisted colleagues across the university in their incorporation of transdisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity in their own teaching practices. We came together in a Professional Learning Community (PLC) as part of the continuing professional development programme. This PLC consists of teachers from various departments and stages in their careers. Members are encouraged to implement the ideas discussed in the PLC in their own teaching practice and to examine its impact on student learning.